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Deck Stain and Sealant Problem

susan c
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Located in Canada. Deck is in Full Sun. Pressure treated wood, 4 years old, unstained previously. Power washed, sanded pre stain/sealant application by a company. I had professional application of a combined water based stain/sealant 2 days ago. Please see photos. The dark areas were applied first, then the staff took a lunch break and applied more using a new pail of product to the remaining sections. The company has offered to come and reapply to light areas, stating that the product was not well mixed. I am very concerned about blending the stain and adherence to the sealed wood. Please see photo #3 with water pooling after a rainstorm today. Please advise on how to proceed. Sadly, I have paid in full.

My Deck  #1 July 23 2022
My Deck #2 July 23, 2022
My Deck #3 July 24, 2022


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The only way to fix this is to remove all and start over.