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Solid Stain - 3rd / 4th time

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I’ve owned this home for almost 5 years.  The previous owners had used a dark solid stain. 

Last year, I had the deck pressure washed and had a SW deck solid stain sprayed on with back brush.  It is already peeling and chipping. 

I would like to add a new solid stain.  Please direct me to the best preparation and solid stain and seal.  I am assuming that because there have been multiple layers of solid stain, my only choice going forward is solid stain.  Also, is there a seal that is recommended.  Because I am choosing a light color, I would like to seal so that leaves and dirt easily wash off the stain. 

Your recommendations and suggestions are greatly appreciated!




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It is not possible to add a sealer over a deck stain, that would peel. Since your solid stain is already peeling, it would be best to prep as follows.

-Use the Restore A Deck stripper with both additives and pressure washing to remove as much as possible of the current stain:

-Apply the Restore A Deck Brightener after:

-Let dry and spot sand any areas of the solid stain that are currently still peeling. 

-Apply the Restore A Deck Stolid stain to the prepped deck that has only bare wood or intact/non-peeling old solid stain. Two coats: