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First Deck Project. Need help on how to remove remaining stain.

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I recently started on my first deck project. I used Valspar Wood Cleaner and pressure washed my cedar deck. Some spots of the deck came off nicely but I believe I got too close to the wood and did some damage. In realizing this, towards the end of the powerwashing, I backed off some but the stain wouldn't budge.

I am going to sand it this weekend, and everything I have read here (and other websites for the most part) state to use 60-80 grit sandpaper. I am going to use a solid stain (white for side rails and dark brown for the decking). I have gone over some of the wood with 60 grit and it will take some of the stain off but not all. Here are a couple of scenarios I am debating on:

A) Go over the deck with a random orbital sander with 60 grit first, and then again with 80 grit. (I realize I wont get all of the stain off with 60 but more than 80). Use a Deck brightener and stain.

B) Cut my losses and just go over it with 80 grit (live with all the stains leftover) and use deck brightener followed by staining.

OR any other suggestions? I have attached photos too.

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Sorry for the delay. 60, then 80, then brighten.