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Wyoming Deck at 8000 ft ASL

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In which state is your deck located? Wyoming

How much sun/shade does your deck get? At the overhangs on the house I get shade and those areas are ok BUT when I apply new stain over this ok portion it should match the portions that are exposed Portions of deck exposed to Sun, Snow, Wind are pealing, and some areas on boards are gone

What type of wood is your deck made of? Pine 2X6

Originally there was an old stain/paint on deck and I stripped and sanded entire deck when I applied Sashco Deck product in 2012.

Do you have mold or mildew issues? No

Why/how did the previous stain fail? Its wood. Wood is not a good material for a deck, but I am stuck with it. House is at 8000 ft ASL and Sun Snow are brutal on the wood it pealed and eroded in places where exposed. Portions

What type and brand (if known) of stain did you use last time? Sashco Deck

I was told that Sherwin Williams Super Deck with the Ultra Deep base SOLID is good I also saw on your website that TWP is good. I want to use a SOLID base, no transparent

I will pressure wash the entire deck area followed by a belt sanding rough grit to help the solid adhere to wood of previous finished areas to provide better bonding of new to old as well as existing exposed wood. I do not want to spend the same amount of time as I did back in 2012 sanding.

 Left to right 1. Typical Exposed Deck to elements, 2. other area going bad 3. good section under overhang 4. another typical bad area

I am looking for a recommendation on a good SOLID Stain Deck product that will last

Thank You


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See some tips on prepping for a solid deck stain:


As for the Solid Stain, try Restore a Deck Solid:



Defy Solid Stain: