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Any feedback on Cabot Gold? A little wary, and can't find any reliable reviews...

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I love the look of this: glossy; and the colors (thinking of either the sun-drenched oak or sunlit walnut) are so rich! But it seems like a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing; I think the devil with this one is in the details of the application? I.e., you need to be very meticulous and take care with it?

Does anyone have any knowledge/informed opinion to impart? I would get the "regular VOC"--not the low VOC, and I'm aware of all the work that needs to be done with this. It looks fairly labor intensive (though, tbf, not more so than a typical woodworking project--just on a larger scale and with more variance possible in climate factors).

My main concern is about peeling--I just spoke with Cabot and they confirmed that while it has penetrating oils, it DOES have coating properties. I live in Portland, Oregon; UV isn't a terrible concern, but there is pretty much constant rain during the winter (though the summers are more or less total drought/sun).

But if it has the possibility of being a good thing, I would love to do this. I just don't want to buy something that is destined to fail.

Appreciate any insight anyone can provide. And on the two colors as well--would love opinions!

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Any filming glossy type coating that lays on top of the deck surface will be prone to peeling and will be a huge mess to fix when it does. Heavy-duty sanding will be required. We would never do it.