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Semi Transparent Options

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Hi, all


This is my first post. I recently built a privacy screen using various sized one-by cedar boards. I stained them with Ready Seal's Burnt Hickory as it was the closest transparent stain I could find to black. I am planning on staining my privacy fence next spring and was going to use the same Burnt Hickory but I just watched the review on this site and I'm wondering if there is a better option. I looked at the colors TWP and Armstrong Clark offer and they seem to be too brown in their darkest shades. The fence is pressure treated pine and it's about 5 years old with no finish applied. I'm in southeastern Michigan and the fence gets full sun. Please let me know if you think the Ready Seal will work well or if you can recommend something better in a near black tone.

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No one has a true black semi-transparent. Darkest would be Espresso in Armstrong Clark or TWP 1504 Black Walnut. You can get samples here:

The Sealer Store

2388 Franklin Rd

Bloomfield Hills MI 48302