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Defy Extreme to Restore-A-Deck

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Hello. Ten year old pressure treated pine deck in Delaware that gets partial sun, no big mold issues. Used Defy Extreme 3 years ago and it's ready for a re-coat in many parts. I now see that Restore-A-Deck has become the top pick for water based stain (I believe Defy held that spot a few years ago when I was here researching...hence why I went with them). I couldn't find specific thread on switching to Restore-A-Deck from Defy so wondering if the advice is still to clean and strip if going between these two brands. I'd like to try the RaD but have no problem sticking with Defy if it means I don't have to spend the time and labor stripping. Also, is it ok to choose a different shade of Defy or would that require stripping? Thanks. 

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Stripping is not any harder than cleaning. The same amount of work, just removes the prior coating. Always brighten after. If you stick with Defy and choose a different color, you will need to strip as well.