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33 year old neglected redwood deck

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My 33 year old redwood deck has been neglected for over 10 years. Located in central NJ, the deck in situated on the north side of the house, the deck is mostly in complete shade except for the far side which gets about 6 hours of direct sun. When regular maintenance was performed, the original Flood product was used until it was changed to the CWF-UV formulation. Attached are pictures of the current state after power washing. What product should I use now?

IMG 20220920 154051460
IMG 20220920 153808420
IMG 20220920 154040599 HDR
IMG 20220920 153738715



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Strip and brighten all for prep with Restore A Deck Products and then stain with Restore a Deck Stains or TWP 1500 Series.