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Cement to patio wooden handicap ramp "Rustic" or "Something out of Ponderosa"

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I've built a handicap ramp for my neighbor who wants it to look "cowboy" or "ponderosa-ery".Haha. Gauntlet thrown down, gauntlet picked up. Challange accepted. I love my retired veteran neighbor, I sort of became his handyman and when he asked me if I could make him a wooden handicap ramp I said "I think I can do that." What a learning curve I went through. There's a lot that goes into building a wooden outdoor wheelchair ramp.

Anyway, he had me take out some old garden fencing that had some awesome weatherd features and colors.

So I lightly sanded a couple arm loads of them and placed them on top of the plywood,glued them down before screwed down

and gave them a couple coats of rejuvenation oil and boiled linseed oil.

The colors came out great. So my question is, what type of stain/sealer should I use to protect this older wood from the elements,wheelchair use(occasionally)
and handle people walking/running up and down it? I'd like to keep the wood color if possible... any advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks 😁

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You cannot apply a deck or exterior wood stain over the linseed oil. It needs to be removed. In addition, it will attract mildew and mold. Strip and brighten to remove and then stain with Restore A Deck Stains or TWP wood stains.